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May first is a Sunday. And it is the Labor's Day. My mother said to me:"Open your eyes!And look out of the window. What a fine day! Let's go to park,"So my mother, my classmate and I went to the park. We took some foods in my schoolbag. On the way to the park. I saw the blue sky with snow-white clouds. I saw pear trees and some apple trees and so on. Below the trees, there are several kinds of flowers. It's colorful, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and white. I saw some balloons and butterflies in the sky. I ate popcorn, cornflakes, banana and lollipop. They were wonderful.

In the afternoon, we went to the zoo. I visited the birds, mice, cats, dogs, budgies, hamsters, rabbits and so on.

May Day is my favorite day!




? During the 7-day golden week holiday, traveling has already become an indispensable part of people's relaxation activities. The lengthy holidays have caused unexpected great travel craze and brisk economic activities. holiday spending, however, adds fuel to the Chinese economy, which in turn leads to the creation of a new term “holiday economy” and it sparks a hot debate about it. Some economists are in favor of the golden week economy.

They believe it has many advantages. first, tourism-based holiday economy will raise consumption, up spending and, therefore, help to spur the domestic demand.

In addition, it benefits tourism, transportation, catering, hotels and service industries and enables them to thrive during holidays, which in turn adds fuel to the overall economic growth.

However, others overstate its disadvantages and hold that it brings undeniable problems. First, the travel craze puts a heavy burden on the traffic system, causing serious traffic jams. Besides, thousands and thousands of tourists flood scenic spots, jamming railway stations and airports, causing some over crowdedness and safety problems. Therefore, we shouldn't neglect the new problems. I believe its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. After all, it greatly benefits our overall economy. Finally, I suggest the government take effective measures to solve the aforementioned problems. Only in this way can we let the golden week economy develop in a sound way.




Three days ago we decided to visit the Great Wall.

Today we met at the bus stop early in the morning. When we were on the bus, we saw a lot of new buildings and new shops.Beijing was taller than before, I thought.

It took us about two hours to get to the Great Wall. When the Great Wall appeared in front of us, we couldn' , t help thinking how wonderful it is! I wondered how the people in the past built it without modem machines. It is said you can see it from the space.I was proud of it.

After coming home I made up my mind to study harder than before. When I grow up, I will work hard to make our country more beautiful and stronger.




A wind and the calendar of the afternoon, me and my mother, cousin and the cousin yo dog to clean air, scenic Geleshan play. Small colorful flowers to welcome our arrival with a smile; Xiaocaohu their small head out and waved to us. We enjoy the beautiful scenery while hiking.

Along the way, yo dog to hop to hop from time to time naughty and jumped into the water hole, the others have a muddy splash. We came to a rock and saw the beautiful, fragrant honeysuckle fill the fields. Cousin cousin and I could not wait to pick up the pick pocket honeysuckle. Pick a pick, and I was honeysuckle mixed with a bit of rattan, the foot-slip, fall down on. If my hand tightly grasped the honeysuckle vines and perhaps on to pieces of it. End mining flowers, the mother asked us: "Do you know what the benefits of honeysuckle it?" Cousin said: "Honeysuckle is Shannon." Cousin said: "Honeysuckle Qingre, Reduce Pathogenic Fire." I said : "Honeysuckle can also be down summer heat." her mother said: "You are right, but the best place honeysuckle is native, does not appreciate other people's live."

After the play, I not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to understand the truth in life. Ah really gain a lot.




? I had a great time throughout my May Day Holiday.

On Monday, I went BBQ with my classmates who threw a celebration party at our middle school principle's flat. Our parents were invited to the party. Everybody was excited about the holiday. I ate a lot of delicious food at that time.

On Tuesday, I went visiting my uncle's family with my parents. We went to celebrate our good time at a fancy restaurant in Shanghai. Later that day, we sang karaoke in my uncle's house. We stayed for the night.

On Wednesday, I went shopping with my cousins. We bought some brand name t-shirts and pants. In the afternoon, my cousins gave me a fun ride on the city highway. They also taught me how to drive their fancy car, so I tried to do some turning and parking. It was not easy first. But I learnt quick.

On Thursday, we returned home with many gifts from our trip. I tried to get some rest. At night, I chatted with my classmates on the phone, and I watched CCTV before going to bed.

From Friday on, I started to finish up my homework assignments on my personal laptop. Some of my assignments were quite boring. After I finished the homework, I emailed them to my teachers. That was the end of it. I started to prepare things for school on this coming Monday.

All in all, I enjoyed my May Day Holiday in many ways.




? Week-long Holidays,Good or Bad?What's Your Opinion?

Our National Day is coming. We shall have days of rest,presumably weeklong holidays again just like the weeklong May Day holidays. Many people welcome weeklong holidays and are busy planning where and how to spend the seven days;whereas many other people do not applaud. As to me, weeklong holidays mean a span of dullness, boredom, melancholy and helplessness, and I think anyone who had experienced the holiday sufferings in May would share my feelings.

I well remember that from May Day, to be more exact, a few days earlier than May Day, the shopping season started.Most shops extended their shopping hours to respond to their overwhelmingly enthusiastic customers.? There were special sales with discount coupons and instant lucky draws and various sales promotions in nearly every big store to lure po tential customers into spending more.? Crowds of shoppers flocked towards department stores, enjoying their high purchasing power.

There were traffic jams almost everywhere, people waited in long queues at bus-stops:and taxi-stands? looking entirely exhausted.Tempers flared when people gotpushed or if someone else cut the queue.Impatient drivers honked at each other every now and then.

The railway station was congested with travelers who rushed to the platform like a swarm of bees and then squeezed their way into the train for seats as if there would be no tomorrow.

In the restaurants, tables were shared. A platoon of waiters filed out from the kitchen armed with various containers of eatables. Orders were taken feverishly and then shouted across to the kitchen. Excitement reigned everywhere as waiters ran hither and thither to fill the orders.

The above are just some vivid scenes that happened a few months ago. Everywhere was chaos and chaos everywhere. I am really afraid the drama will soon be repeated.

True,weeklong holidays help activate economy, but what about after-holiday depression? No doubt, people can have a lot of leisure, but leisure does not always bring a lot of pleasure.

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